About us

Founded in 2014, Priya Keswani Label is a Jaipur-based fashion label designing ready-to-wear for women and girls. We curate pieces in heartlifting prints and colours to make your days all the more joyful. All our pieces are handcrafted, and made from pure, homegrown Indian Mulmul fabric. We promise to deliver the best of the quality products. We specialise in Hand Block Printed Mulmul curated by the artisans in Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Each collection brings you a new splash of colour and print story. Our endeavour will be to bring you fashion forward, affordable and super cool fashion and lifestyle. We promise to deliver the best of the quality products with a whole new eye of designing.


Hand block printing is a centuries old Indian art form that utilises a hand carved teak wood block that is dipped in dye and stamped by hand onto cotton or silk.​The traditional process of hand block printing on textiles, with rich natural colours, has been practised in Rajasthan for around 500 years.  Block printing was introduced to the Jaipur region of Rajasthan by the Chhipa community. The art of block printing has been passed down for generations within families and communities and has branched out in recent decades to other regions. 


Sit back and relax. Your pieces are handcrafted by our artisans from start to finish, with extra care and a human touch at every step of the way. Each of our experts add a little story to yours, ensuring that every thread you wear hold true value. Let's go through the journey of your handmade piece..

Hand to wood, ink to fabric
A task of patience and precision, handblock printing involves artisans carving the desired patterns on a wooden block, covering it with dye and finally stamping it on the fabric. Printing requires extreme finesse, intricacy, years of practice and craftsmanship to produce our final heart lifting designs. Painstaking attention to detail goes into the process to achieve harmonious colors and consistent results.
Sunlight to the freshly printed fabric
The fabric requires a good crisp sun that enables it to hold onto the colours well.
Needle meets Thread
Your hand block printed mulmul is cut and sewn real nice into some of your favourite dresses by our hard working and talented Karigars.
Envelopes of Love
It's time to pack your pieces with warmth, love and instructions to take care of them.
Cheers! At last ready to reach your doorsteps
You get an email containing the tracking number of your order. Our courier partners - Shree Maruti Couriers and Delhivery deliver your order as quickly as possible.
Thank you for sticking around, watching us grow and being a part of this amazing journey.