Collection: MEHFIL

As we slowly leave behind the long hot days of summer and move toward the spirit of rejuvenation, we bring you our pre-monsoon and festive offering, Mehfil.

Mehfil has pieces that wrap you with love. Pieces modifiable into dresses.
Brighten up your festive wardrobe with these subtle florals. These charming festive pieces will be your ardent companions through the changing season making you feel at ease, at home and snug as in your second skin.

Mehfil dwells in the little details and lets each stitch and fold revel in festivity. The collection is filled with calming and serene hues of pink, magenta and turquoise. Fine details like lace borders, fabric covered buttons, tie strings add charm to these carefree festive pieces.

We hope you can see the work, attention to detail and the LOVE we’ve put into this collection.